Inheritance Taxation and Estate Planning

Inheritance Taxation

 Inheritance taxation, previously called succession duty, is the tax which is paid after the death over the legacy. For this affair, a special declaration is submitted. For the inheritance tax there are many special rules that must be declared properly. In addition to the inheritance, an income taxation must be made with an F-note for the deceased during the year of death. This is often a difficult issue for the heirs. This concern in in trusted hands by the Voorwaarts. This also applies to the distribution and settlement of the estate itself. We are appointed regularly by clients as executors. In this way the legacy and the inheritance taxation are accomplished and settled in a professional and objective manner.

Estate Planning

 The purpose of estate planning is that your own capital is transferred in a most fiscal friendly way to the next generation. For example, if you grant donations to your children, they don’t need to pay high-inheritance tax on this later.

There are many structures for the estate planning to be considered, such us usufruct will, “I’m and grandfather construction” By introducing the new inheritance taxation law, many rules have been changed, therefore some constructions don’t function optimally. For this reason, it is advisable to check or adjust the testament, for example, in order that the tax savings can be maximized again. We can advise you of the possibilities which are suitable to your personal situation in terms of estate planning.