Your entrusted Teammates

Being an entrepreneur you play an exciting game. You search or create opportunities definitely to keep your company profitable and to attain more turnover and profit. Moreover you endeavor to remain competitive and to have excellent contact with your clients. You attempt to utilize these chances very efficiently. You are prepared to discover limits if there are sound results to be achieved, yet you avoid unacceptable risks.

In this game is the Voorwaarts taxes advisor your ideal teammate.

As reliable partner we support and guide you in all financial aspects of entrepreneur’s game. We help you with pleasure to optimize your fiscal result. This is possible because by us is always a short way to follow. Therefore we know in details what you desire as a (beginner) businessman. Our financial services are focused on small and medium-size enterprises dealing with:

  • Administrative services
  • Annual accounts
  • Wage administration
  • Fiscal declaration/tax return (private and entrepreneurial)
  • Company’s economic advise
  • Starters’ support

Taxes returns of companies or of private matters, the periodical declarations of value added taxes (VAT), Intern Control program (ICP) Wage tax, income tax and corporation tax can all be submitted electronically. Being a fiscal intermediate with tax authority, we have our secure connection which is protected from unauthorized use through message encryption and personal codes. (your find here information about our digital setting).

The long-standing knowledge, experience and proficiency are the basis of our financial services. We are educated and trained to be registered tax advisors (RB). As a member of the registered advisors, we keep our promises to the duties and the rules of conduct. And we are subjected to disciplinary law. Our expert knowledge increases by means of permanent education and experience.