Tax Planning For Private Person

Being your trusted advisors, we provide you with a quality solution in a total approach of all fields. We can assist you with your tax planning as well as your estate planning. We are aware very well of the fiscal actualities in the sector of inheritance law and matrimonial property:


  • Forms of saving and life insurance.
  • Life annuity
  • Inheritance and donation
  • Succession and estate-planning
  • Forming of various testament
  • Fiscal emigration
  • Old-age provision
  • Immovable properties in which several residential houses are abroad
  • Investment in visual arts and estates
  • Fiscal advice concerning nature preserve law estate
  • Deduction by maintenance costs of monuments.

In case that your requirement goes beyond our scope of knowledge of experience, we are in a position to consult another professional service providers within our network so that you will be ensured of best advice.